Omacl: Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) Policy

Omacl places the interests of our clients at the heart of all of our activities. This company is fully committed to offering the best customer service and advice possible. Going forward, “customers” in this policy will refer to all third parties connected with a transaction.

Our clients are the most valuable asset to Omacl, and as such we believe in treating them with absolute fairness and high ethical standards. Our policy for Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) aligns with the guidance offered by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The FCA guidelines help to ensure that we can provide our customers with constantly fair outcomes and that we can take responsibility for our actions as a business, and the actions of our staff.

Omacl takes the demands of the FCA Treating Customers Fairly guidelines seriously, and specifically focus on the following key themes:

  • All customers should feel comfortable dealing with a firm that treats clients fairly.
  • All advice given should take into account the individual circumstances of the client.
  • All customers must receive clear information and be kept informed at all times.
  • All services sold and delivered are designed to meet the needs of our customers.
  • All services provided must adhere to an acceptable standard.
  • All customers must be able to make complaints when necessary.

Our Treating Customers Fairly policy outlines one of the core principles of our company culture, and we strive to improve and enhance our service on a consistent basis. Central to our ethos is a committed to consistently providing access to clear information.

TCF Policy Principles

The core tenants of our Treating Customers Fairly policy are:

  • Products and services offered through Omacl meet the needs of our customers.
  • Customers receiving advice from Omacl will receive information relevant to their individual circumstances and needs.
  • As an organisation, Omacl is committed to following the rules for the fair treatment of customers.
  • Our customers will not face unreasonable barriers to change products if they find that it is not suitable for them. All of our customers will also be able to make complaints.
  • We will ensure that any grievances are managed with respect, sympathy, and professionalism, within a reasonable frame of time.
  • Omacl ensures that all of our staff remain up-to-date with training that may improve their ability to deliver fair service to customers.
  • We offer our staff regular training on the core principles of Treating Customers Fairly when appropriate while ensuring that continued development is available.

Our Service

Omacl determines the suitability of all requested services for new customers before accepting a deal. We also continuously aim to understand the needs of our clients and aim to keep them informed in a clear and unambiguous manner about their options.

Our services are consistently delivered with transparency and clarity, with no hidden conditions or complex technical jargon. At Omacl, we also maintain accurate and comprehensive records of dealings with customers so that we can provide an insight into the interchanges with all parties in the event of a dispute.

Omacl ensures that our clients understand any risks associated with our service before a transaction and work hard to ensure that risk information remains clear and accessible. In the event that a conflict of interest takes place, our customers will be immediately informed as soon as we are aware of it.

Our Approach

At Omacl, our mission is to deliver excellent quality, choice, and service to our customers. Our service is based on what we know about our customers, and the feedback that we gather. We take our responsibility to meeting the highest standards for service very seriously.

Our team is committed to treating clients fairly at all stages of an interaction, and we are passionate about delivering services that meet the expectations of our customers. We also recognise that our employees are essential in the delivery of positive customer experiences. Because of this, our values and company culture support our employees in delivering the best service.

All of our employees are trained fully to help them deal with customers in a fair and positive way. We incentivise our people and remunerate them to ensure that they deal with all customers fairly, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve.

Handling Complaints

Omacl responds to customers in a timely manner when they have complaints or queries. We will address any issues or concerns as promptly as possible, escalating matters to the correct professionals when necessary. Further details on how we handle complaints are available within our Customer Complaints Procedure documentation.

Our policies follow the guidelines delivered by the FCA and align with the principles that companies must display an interest in treating customers fairly.

Omacl senior management professionals will pay attention to the complaints issued against this company and their outcomes, which can serve as a helpful insight into the ways that we can improve our service and business operations. We are keen to investigate the root reasons for complaints and appreciate feedback from clients who have experienced the complaints process with us.

Collecting regular feedback allows us to improve the service that we provide, as do our analytical practices. We measure the time required to deal with complaints, as well as the frequency of certain complaints and outcomes. Examining the full nature of a complain and it’s outcomes help us to ensure that we can treat our customers fairly.

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