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Representative 669.35% APR

Rates from 49.9% APR to max 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £250 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is £310.00. Interest charged is £60.00, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed). Representative 669.35% APR (variable).
*Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £5000.
*Omacl will not perform a credit check but lenders will determine your loan eligibility by performing a soft search. If you accept the loan offer presented to you, a hard credit search will be performed.

Apply With Bad Credit – Payday Loans Online

Your income and expenditure ebb and flow each month, as you manage money moving through your household. Under ideal conditions, earnings exceed monthly outgoings, covering your financial obligations, with money left over for savings and your other financial priorities. In practice, however, unexpected expense and financial pressure can pose problems. When spending spikes or unforeseen financial challenges strain your budget, you may experience shortfalls before payday. Whether you have good or bad credit, payday loans offer straightforward access to quick cash, using your upcoming payday as a repayment guarantee. Bad credit payday loans complement various funding alternatives available to UK credit consumers.

How much would you like?

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Rates from 49.9% APR to max 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £250 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is £310.00. Interest charged is £60.00, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed). Representative 669.35% APR (variable). 

Are Bad Credit Payday Loans Just Like Other Loans?

Various finance alternatives originate at banks and building societies, whilst several types of short-term loans are offered online. Banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and other conventional lenders frequently assist with long-term loans, secured by real property. Mortgages and other secured loans offer low interest rates, backed by the value of the property purchased.

Mortgage risk is relatively low for lenders, because they can sell the property to recover losses, in the event of default. Unsecured loans and revolving credit accounts are subject to higher interest rates, because the debts are not backed by real property. Bad credit loans and other payday products are not secured by traditional collateral, but the loans service working applicants, using their upcoming earnings to guarantee timely repayment. Because online lenders focus on your employment status and income, rather than deep credit history, payday loans, fast loans, and other instant credit opportunities fund quickly, without waiting long for acceptance.

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Lenders are required to consider credit conditions before making loan offers. Conventional institutions adhere to strict credit scoring standards, commonly subjecting each applicant to an extensive credit check. The process helps banks make lending decisions, but the traditional application and approval period does not address every applicant’s need for speed.

Online lenders specialise in providing access to cash without delays. Although acceptance for online loans also requires credit review, rapid pre-approval shortens turnaround times for the small specialty loans.

Qualified applicants must meet basic eligibility requirements for online loans. In order to obtain a payday loan you must :-

  • Be at least 18-years old when you apply for a fast loan.
  • Demonstrate your ability to repay the loan – payday, earnings, employment status, etc
  • Reside in the UK
  • Have a current account from which to make payments and to receive loan transfers

Your credit history reflects interactions with landlords, lenders, credit card companies, and other creditors. TransUnion, Experian and similar credit agencies maintain detailed records about past and present accounts, as well data gathered from public sources. In addition to maintaining a personal credit history for each individual, reference agencies further simplify the credit reporting process, numerically rating each consumer with a personal credit “score.”

Credit consumers are each assigned a three-digit score, reflecting information contained in personal credit reports. Your figure represents a personal “credit score” summing up your entire finance history. If you’ve had credit difficulties in the past, your score may suffer, making it hard to obtain a traditional bank loan. A long history of good credit, on the other hand, results in a high score, opening doors to the best available finance terms. If past problems have earned you a low score, bad credit payday loans and other online opportunities offer accessible funding, with high acceptance rates.

Sources of Quick Cash Before Payday

Working out your finances includes and close look at your income and outgoing monetary obligations. Monthly expense, such as rent and instalment bills for your mobile and car, create a consistent spending base to plan for. As you manage recurring monetary obligations, monthly expenditure grows with additional discretionary purchases. Despite your best efforts to stay on track, bad timing, spending emergencies, and increased living costs can all disrupt your finances. When money is short, yet expenses are up, payday loans offer funding for working applicants with good and bad credit. Additional resources for quick cash include:

  • Credit Cards – Credit and store cards offer revolving finance terms. The unique credit opportunities allow users to add purchases during a monthly grace period, requiring repayment at the end of the month’s billing period. Balances carried over from one month to the next incur interest charges, compounding on long-held balances. The convenient resource enables you to reach for plastic at stores and on holiday, when traveling abroad. But credit card balances can be hard to manage – particularly when making minimum monthly payments, which may take years to clear credit card debt.
  • Extra Income – Households with two incomes benefit from increased cash flow, but spending obligations can still leave double-earning families a step behind. Each person faces unique financial conditions, so an extra earning opportunity must match-up with your availability, skill set, and existing responsibilities. Are you ready to make a long-term commitment for a second job? Or is a one-off gig more realistic? Once you’ve decided to expand earnings, exploring various opportunities can help you settle in your comfort zone. Whether the money comes from a weekend retail gig or an online business, reselling pre-owned items, extra earnings can help you overcome financial challenges.
  • Private Loans – Sometimes called “friends and family” loans, or referred to as money from the “bank of mum and dad,” private loans complement formal industry financing. Informal arrangements offer advantages, under certain circumstances, but you should take measures to avoid common pitfalls of friends and family loans. Despite your best intentions and positive relationships with everyone involved, you should treat informal loans like genuine credit arrangements. The contract should clearly outline repayment expectations and spell out the consequences for late payments and loan default.
  • Bad Credit Payday Loans – Credit reference agencies maintain files tracing consumers’ credit histories. Each person’s reference file is full of entries related to loans, lines of credit, service contracts, bank balances, and other financial information. Each time a bank evaluates a credit applicant, a comprehensive credit check will be run on you which calls attention to past problems. If your history includes bad credit, payday loans offer a fast finance alternative, eliminating some of the obstacles associated with conventional banking.

How Does Omacl Compare?

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Online Advantages for Small Short-term Loans

Selecting the best loan for your finance needs ensures money is available when you need it and lays the groundwork for affordable repayment. Omacl’s lending resources make comparisons easier than ever, allowing you to match your needs with the best available lending resource.

Do you need money in a hurry? Is a small loan enough to hold you until payday? Are you prepared to pay back your loan on time? If you answered yes to these questions about your finances, bad credit payday loans and other online resources may provide the finance answers you’ve been looking for. Compared to traditional loans, which may include strict approval standards, online versions fund quickly, offering high acceptance rates via the lender.

  • Convenient – The application and acceptance process for bank loans can hold you back, when money is needed in a hurry. With urgent money matters hanging in the balance, you can’t afford cumbersome application requirements and slow approval. Bad credit payday loans offer small sums of money for good and bad credit applicants. The loans originate online enabling you to request money without making trips to the bank. To speed up access to funds, online lenders provide convenient service, connecting with you on your laptop or tablet.
  • Accessible – A bad credit designation works against you at the bank, commonly resulting in refusal for conventional loans. Because online loans are relatively small and backed by your paycheck, short-term lenders deliver short turnaround times, offering higher acceptance rates than banks and building societies do. Even with credit missteps in your file, your online loan request may be accepted, when brick and mortar lenders turn you down.
  • Flexible – Each finance challenge calls for a distinctive solution. Whilst £300 loans provide enough money for some short-term needs, other conditions may require thousands of pounds to get back on track. Online lenders offer flexible sums of money, allowing you to borrow only as much as you need to correct financial shortfalls between paydays. Flexible repayment terms are also available online, helping you manage short-term finance opportunities with on-time payments.
  • Fast – Online lenders specialise in providing short turnaround times, allowing you to address urgent financial priorities, without delays. Most loan requests receive same day service, placing your finance application on a fast track to fulfillment. Bad credit payday loans and similar online funding resources are the right choice when traditional lending practices cannot get the job done.

Flexible financial resources are available online, providing money between paydays. Bad credit loans and similar online lending alternatives deliver small sums of money, without spending restrictions. Whether you run out of cash before salary day or an unexpected expense requires immediate attention, online loans offer short-term relief.

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Do I need to have a credit check to get a payday loan?

We do not carry out any credit checks on our customers at Once you’ve been approved to borrow money you will immediately be given an offer from one of our lending panel. These lenders will carry out of a soft search to make sure you can afford the loan. It is a legal requirement to carry out affordability checks. This type of search will not leave a permanent mark on your credit file.

How quickly will my payday loan take to pay out?

We aim to have loans paid out within 1 hour of the customer being approved. This may vary slightly from lender to lender but we will aim to get every loan out immediately. If you haven’t received your funds within 60 minutes please contact us for an update.

What is the application process to apply for an Omacl loan?

Our application process only take a few minutes from start to finish. We will give you an instant decision on the loan. The application process is very easy and we won’t contact you by phone or postal mail. To get started, just fill in the application form here.

If I have a bad credit history can I still get a payday loan?

We will give you an immediate decision on your loan application. You just need to go through the simple online application process. This will only take a few minutes. We will accept payday loan applications from everyone, no matter how bad your credit profile is. We have the highest approval rate with over 95% of applications ultimately being approved to borrow.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to Omacl is a broker, not a lender, and does not make credit decisions.